Beauty is in fact scalp-deep!

Beauty is skin deep and indeed it is, who would agree more than the people who serve the cause of beauty, those who believe that beauty is not only the prim, apparent look but what lies underneath. Indeed one can look perfect on the exterior but the internal may be haggard, worn out or simply deceiving the exterior. This is what gives rise to the concept of looking what you are not, the idea of being fake and deceptive. Beauty is actually the cohesion of your entire body and soul, the naturalness and health of every cell in your body which radiates through your external self.

Hence to say a person looks beautiful or to categorize beauty one has to look at the details of it also. One simply cannot be beautiful without being comfortable with his/her own self. Beauty lays henceforth indeed skin deep. It is your entire health, the patterns of sleep, the intake of food, the growth of your hair with the nourishment you provide to the body which ensures and sustains beauty in an individual.

It is said that a woman’s hair and eyes are one of the great determinants of beauty and to ensure health for both one needs to take definite measures. One of the most sought after issue in the global world today is the optimum management and care of hair. Today due to unhealthy eating habits, deteriorating climatic conditions, pollution in the environment and a heavy inclination on reliance of chemical products has resulted in a steep decline of the health of hair. Today the management of hair has become a challenging job especially for the people having thin fine hair. The receding hair line and baldness are common issues which have seriously made people reconsider their ways of living.

Tight combing, using scalp piercing brushes, problems of dandruff, exposing the hair to too much smoke and dust are the root causes of many hair problems, however none is as great today as that of using chemicals, hair gels and hot irons on hair. These objects have actually brought in problems which were absent in the prior years. The problem of hair fall has multiplied manifolds due to these rising trends.

The protein treatments, carotene’s and specialized treatments like extensions have provided various alternatives to hair care and style yet one needs to be very precise in the choice with respect to suitability to the hair.

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