Causes of Veiling of Hair in the Middle East

There has been a long and detailed debate on the effects of veil on the hair especially in the Middle Eastern zone where the effects of living conditions on hair are having an adverse effect at a rapid pace. Some argue if it is better to keep the hair veiled to ensure protection from the dust, allergens, heat and pollutants existing in the environment while some support the notion that the veil causes inability for the hair to breathe the air and avail the natural elements from the atmosphere.

LIASC, experts in dealing the problems of hair care, transplants etc and researching the modes and mediums for better hair conditions especially for the people residing in Middle East are at a difference of opinion and do not have an extreme opinion on both situations. The matter is under great research but it is without doubt stated that the extreme weather conditions of the hair and its exposure to the UV rays do causes damaged to an extent and veiling in fact may prove beneficial at times. However on the other hand too much sweat and moisture inside the hair trapped without an access to the air can cause the hair to suffocate as well.

Hence it is our belief that it is important to realize a balance and recognize the adversities different situations may cause. Tying the hair too tight can cause the roots to weaken as well eventually causing hair loss. So what our experts at LIASC stress is to ensure that the hair is provided with positive conducive environment for growth and maintenance such that even if unveiled or veiled the benefits of both conditions could be achieved. For it is not necessarily stated that either of the conditions can cause a certain effect on hair but yes balancing your hair needs while identifying suitable environs can prove beneficial in the long run.

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