Laser Inn Hair Transplantation Services

There was a time when people would dream about growing hair scientifically. They would wonder and wish for some way to get rid of their wigs in exchange for some nice natural tresses. Today in this age of wonders of science, hair transplantation that seemed only a dream for many has become a reality.

Hair transplant has gained a lot of hype internationally and usually products which relate to beauty enhancement naturally grow at a dramatic pace. Beautiful lustrous hair is an object of envy for many beautiful hair aspirants and hence we see many models, actors and actresses as the first people to get their transplant done after the invention of this amazing science of transplantation.

Transplantation of hair could be done by two procedures the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). LIASC, experts in both mechanics offer hair transplantation services to all clients internationally. We have a large influx of clients from the Middle East who aspire for a hair transplant. The weather conditions and lifestyle certainly has caused much loss for the ones living in the gulf countries.

LIASC has been one of the pioneers in offering quality transplantation services with 100% satisfactory results. Our clients have left our clinic satisfied with a confidence boost of a 100% in themselves and their outlook the moment they left our facility. Indeed the state of the art equipment used and expert personnel offers such high end results.

Maintenance of the hair is one advice LIASC always give. What we have transplanted is natural hair. Hence they need natural care. You have to ensure you look after your now transplanted hair from all the negative energies which caused the downfall and breakage in the first place. We would like to see you and your hair happy healthy and always glowing!

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