Says No to Tight Pony Tails

Since a couple of months we have discussed the hair issues of Middle East and suggested solutions to our clients residing there. The amount of queries and results shared by our clientele motivates us to provide suggestions and opinion which form a sound foundation of value for them.

Today the issue we want to address specifically concerns the women. Research has been made that the people residing in the Middle East due to adverse hot climates have the habit of tying the hair as normally termed as pony tails. The tails are so tight that they actually cause the root of the hair attached to the scalp to pull so much that ultimately it weakens it. The result is breakage and hair loss. Even if there is no breakage, generally the roots of the hair weaken causing them to become more fragile to any adverse environmental exposure or condition.

For that matter it is advised by the team of experts at LIASC to please not to tighten your hair so much that it destroys the life span and strength of the hair. By pulling your hair so much and tying it can just add on to hair loss and breakage. We at LIASC completely comprehend your position as due to the heat and exposure to the windy, dusty climate a knot of hair is all one could think of to avoid further irritants.

However what we advise you at LIASC is to after tying your hair loosen them a bit or you can form a loose braid so that the hair can be kept loose and intact.

We at LIASC have time and again referred the research and developments made in the field of hair care and believe in offering the best, simple and creative advices to our clients to ensure improvement through natural and less artificial mediums.

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