The Direct Proportion Of Diabetes To Hair-Loss

For men and women both, hair are their prized possession; flaunting hair on a good hair day is their pride and crying over the damage and the hair-loss is their little secret. Hair fall is a result of many different causes including stress, vitamin or mineral deficiency, hormones, pregnancy and diabetes.

One might dwell on the thought of diabetes being related to hair-loss but there is a relation but before we understand that lets us go over what the whole diabetes situation is. Diabetes is basically when your body either doesn’t produce insulin or doesn’t use it or both in some situations.

Insulin is this hormone that helps sugar that is in your bloodstream to move into cells to be store or used as energy. What happens in diabetes is that your body lacks in insulin which eventually means the body is getting no help to handle sugar which can then build up in blood and start to damage organs and blood vessels.

Now when we talk about blood vessels and damage to them what we mean is that the oxygen that is being carried around the body to nourish organs and tissues by these blood vessels is not being delivered. Blood vessels are also involved in delivering oxygen to your hair follicles. 

This is where hair-loss comes in. The lack of oxygen can affect normal hair growth cycle which means that like every normal human being your body also sheds about 50-100 hair everyday but due to the damage from diabetic sugar your body is unable to re-grow the hair that have been lost like normal humans.

One more connection between hair-loss and diabetes is that type 1 diabetes comes with several immune issues. These immune issues also include Alopecia which is an autoimmune condition that causes hair to slow or stop growing or fall out in patches that might even resemble a large coin.

So eventually diabetes can cause your hair-growth to slow down and lose more hair than usual. This hair-loss is not only restricted to your head but includes hair from the entire body. Usual hair-loss might not worry you so much but losing hair more than usual and also from parts of your body is worrisome and this is an indication for you to see a doctor for it.

Adjusting your diet and adapting a healthier lifestyle might help you but doctor’s consultation is definitely necessary and this is where LIASC comes in. at LIASC not only do you get professional consultation regarding your hair-loss but also LIASC provides the top quality hair transplant in Pakistan.

LIASC relieves stress brought in by hair-loss which might cause more hair to fall out by this surgical procedure call hair transplant where hair follicles are moved from donor site to where they notice receding hairline or increasing baldness. This surgical procedure of hair transplant in Pakistan is best provided by LIASC and can also restore eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair, chest hair and even pubic hair.

LIASC and their hair transplant in Pakistan is a serious blessing for diabetic patients who are stressed over their hair-loss due to their health situation. So to all those diabetic patients suffering from hair-loss, visit our website and get the details on the procedure and get it done to enjoy flaunting your hair again.

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