Top 10 Tips to Find A Good Hair Transplant Clinic

Nobody loves to go bald without the possibility of hair growing back! Hair instantly gives us confidence and boosts our looks. Hair loss is quite common but some people suffer from it to an extent that they go bald and their hair growth stops permanently. Now, there can be many reasons like diet and health problems, treatments and sometimes genetics. Not all of these problems are curable therefore, it can become quite depressing but, thanks to modern technology. Now you can go for a hair transplant and can feel confident again! In this blog I will tell you about how you can choose a good hair transplant clinic in Karachi, Pakistan.

Hair transplant is becoming common as more and more people are opting for it. Even if it’s common, choosing the right hair transplant can be a bit overwhelming and depressing. You have to worry about a lot of things and you have to place your trust in someone’s hand therefore, here are a few tips that you can use when you are opting for hair transplant surgery:

Do your thorough research:

Whenever you are looking for a clinic that offers hair transplant surgeries, look at their background. Look at the time period from when they have existed. If the clinic is old enough it will ease you in many ways. You will be sure that the clinic will be there for getting aftercare services. It will also allow you to look and observe the results and experience their previous patients had. Go for a renown hospital and do your thorough research on what services they provide and how professional tey are in their work. 

Make sure that the clinic is registered:

Sometimes the clinics people go for are not registered. Make sure you opt for a registered clinic. Spending a little extra is better instead of going to the cheap hospital and risking health. With a registered clinic you can make sure of the services they offer. It also shows part of their authenticity.

Know the type of treatments they are offering:

Different hospitals offer different types of treatments according to the doctors’ specialties. There are several types of hair loss treatments, make sure they have the one that will suit your hair type. If you are suffering from a problem like hair loss, you might need some medications and not a hair transplant. There are also special types of treatments for specific types of hair for example: afro etc.

Know the professionality level of the doctors:

Your doctors have to be experienced and good at what they do. Make sure the clinic you are choosing has professional doctors who can take you through the journey of your hair transplant and also provide aftercare. The clinic’s website should contain all the information about their doctors in description or bio form. If the hospital does not have this kind of information on their page then, don’t choose that hospital because clients have a right to know who they will be meeting with at consultation.

Ask for before and after photos:

Ask the physicians about their past experiences with clients. Look for before and after photos. The hospital should be able to provide results pictures if they have really done the job perfectly. Moreover, you can contact clients on their website and ask about their experience with the hospital. Ask your doctors about how people reacted to the treatment. They should be able to tell you the history if they are good and authentic in their work.

Details about your condition:

Before suggesting you any treatments, your doctor should do a thorough checkup to find the root cause of your problem. Ask them for details about your condition and what can be done to improve it. Your doctor should be able to tell you all of these details before anything else.

Ask about pricings:

Pricing is another important factor. You should ask your hospital about the payment procedure and what the total cost will be to make sure you have that kind of budget. Your budget will include aftercare services plus all the money you will spend on transport for visits. If you are not able to pay for all the things at once then, make sure your hospital has a payment plan in this way you will be able to pay half later.

Ask about aftercare services:

After getting your hair transplant you will be required to visit the doctor again and again to make sure that the results are as per the treatment. Therefore; make sure that the hospital you are choosing offers aftercare services as it is easier for the doctors who performed the transplant surgery to understand the situation better compared to other outside doctors.

First impression matters:

Don’t let that gut feeling go! If something feels wrong the first time it means it is wrong. If you have a great first impression then research more and opt for that hospital.

Look for testimonials:

Testimonials are the most essential thing that contributes 90% to the authenticity of a hospital. Patients leaving their reviews on the services and hospital determines its authenticity. If the hospital you are going to has a lot of positive reviews and testimonials then it is a good sign.

These are some of the tips that you can keep in mind when selecting a hospital for your hair problems. If you are looking forward to getting a hair transplant surgery in Pakistan then, LIASC(Laser Inn Aesthetic Surgery Centre) is the best hair transplant clinic in Pakistan. They are providing professional cosmetic surgeries services in Karachi and Dubai right now. Their authentic services and patients’ experience have helped them grow over time. You can contact them for free consultation and they will guide you about what will suit you the best.

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