Your Hair Reflects your Personality!

Even though it is women who are accused of spending too much time over their physical appearance, even men today spend hours combing and gelling their hair and slicking it in one style or the other. Teenage boys obsess about spiking their locks; the more mature men carefully tame their hair or brush their beards as per the requirements of their social setting.

You are judged mercilessly by the way you look and appear to the world. And that’s how your worth is deemed. And who better to understand that than those who suffer from hair loss.

Your hair is not essential for your physical well-being, but its loss gnaws at you from within. It’s lessening makes you self conscious and robs you off your prized confidence. If your hair is in a bad state it makes you wince whether you are looking in the mirror or you find others looking your way.

But there is no need to fret anymore. With Laser Inn Aesthetic Surgery Centre, you finally have a saviour who will help you bid goodbye to all your hair woes.

May it be due to the physiologic process of balding due to age or genes; LIASC has permanent and unfailing methods to give you back a head full of healthy hair. At LIASC, our skilled team of doctors – led and mentored by Dr. Zulfiqar H. Tunio — restore, reshape and add density to your receding hairline or scanty scalp.

LIASC believes that there is no better healer than nature, thus making use of your own, natural hair, LIASC performs ultra-refined follicular unit transplantation with its state-of-the-art technology. The results are so glorious, that it is impossible to tell your natural hair from your transplanted ones!

After you have taken advantage of LIASC’s free consultation, our dedicated team of professionals will take your detailed medical history and diagnose the root cause of your hair loss problems. You will then be briefed about the wide spectrum of methods you can opt from to treat your hair loss issues.

From Hair Restoration by single follicle transplantation to Hairline Construction; from Thickening existing hair to Crown Coverage; from Beard and Mustache construction to Hair Transplant Reconstructive surgery — LIASC will make it all available to you!

We at LIASC believe in adding quality to your lives by making you feel great about yourself!

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